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A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

How to obtain the most relevant and accurate knowledge today to get ahead of competitors? Where is it possible to get it quickly and efficiently?

RUDN-University offers massive open online courses for adults and children on the IVERSITY platform.

The main distinction of these courses is that new scientific discoveries are transformed into clearly structured educational information in order to become steady and ready to use knowledge, skills and abilities: this is the unique competence that will increase your professionalism and make you a unique specialist.

“Applied IR spectroscopy” will teach you to control the quality of fuel, medicines, food, cosmetics and other vital materials using infrared rays.

“Fundamentals of electricity and magnetism” make it possible to increase the efficiency and decrease the energy consumption of all kinds of electronic devices without which the life of modern humanity is impossible, in order to build a cleaner world.

A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

“Solving trigonometry multi-level tasks” explains theoretical elements that are difficult to understand and teaches us how to solve problems on a virtual board.

“Comparing legal techniques” will provide methodological tools for comparing legal practices in the framework of legal understanding, lawmaking, law enforcement, law interpretation and law systematization.

“Data analysis and statistics in ecology and landscape study” (DASELS) will teach you the necessary skills to test statistical hypotheses, as well as to perform multiple and logistic regression in the field of ecology and landscape using the program R.

“International environmental management: municipal solid wastes, hazardous wastes, and wastewater” offers skills to deal with environmental damage with the use of physical, chemical, mechanical, biological, and biochemical practical tools.

A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

“Global and regional climate change: strategies of adaptation and mitigation” reveals the secrets of the Central Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences regarding the spatial model of the global carbon cycle, which allows to solve the problems of industrial emissions, deforestation, soil erosion and even climate change.

“History of international relations and foreign policy of Russia” allows to explain Russia's actions in the international arena, taking into account that our country has maintained its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence despite the fact that it never started wars: on the contrary, Russia invariably ended them.

“La Russie et la France: l’histoire des relations diplomatiques et culturelles (XVIII-XXIe siècles)” reveals the subtleties in the development dynamics of the relations between the two countries, and the scientific, professional and social studies relating to other countries as well.

“Quantitative NMR spectroscopy in pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy” intends to teach nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR spectroscopy) as a fast, universal, accurate and non-destructive method for detecting the quantity and quality of biologically active substances, excipients and impurities in pharmaceutical analysis.

“Scientific writing skills” introduces all the stages of scientific writing, starting with the review of the literature and ending with the submission of articles, and gives practical recommendations for writing successful grant applications and developing principles for the commercialization of scientific research.

A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

“We speak with the whole world in Russian” is addressed to everyone who wants to learn Russian from scratch, as well as those who once learned the language and want to restore and replenish their knowledge. Its authentic material reflects the modern Russian language in a neutral register.

speak russian.JPG

“Studying Russian culture (based on pieces of literature)” exposes art, popular crafts and particularities of the lifestyle, the traditions and the nature of the multinational population of Russia.

A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

“Instrumental methods of pharmacopoeial analysis” combines the theory and practice of qualitative and quantitative analysis of medicinal substances and finished pharmaceutical forms at all stages of their life cycle, from creation to utilization.

“The history of Russia in the images of great compatriots” will help children from migrant families understand the characters of outstanding Russians, as well as the spiritual values ​​and traditions of the Russian society in order to adapt more comfortably in Russia.

“Presentation and public speaking. International specifics” teaches the basics and secrets of effective international public speaking using visual materials, taking into account the specifics of speaking in a foreign country with the goal of achieving mutually beneficial cooperation.

“Russia in global politics” popularly explains Russia's foreign policy priorities, its interests and universal principles in the context of dynamic global transformations that conform a new world order and fundamentally change the modern face of Russia.

“Russia on the world map” gives an introduction to the possible economic uses of the natural and climatic zones of Russia, reveals the national and religious composition of the population and features of the locations that attract migrants to Russia, and exposes the secrets of the image of Russia and its regions in the world.

“Chemistry of medicines - how medicines are created” will provide knowledge to search and create effective drugs and to recognize the pharmacological effect of the structural elements of new pharmaceutical forms.

“School of stress management (with subtitles in English/French)” teaches “self-management” and offers optimal ways, means and forms of self-regulation and preservation of one’s own physical and mental health.

A unique collection of knowledge from RUDN-University

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