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Digital Pre-University Faculty

  • 18 modules
  • 500+ lessons
  • 10.000+ text materials
  • 10.000+ audio materials
  • 1000+ hours of video content

The Digital Pre-University Faculty of RUDN University is a project that allows a foreign student to prepare for admission to Russian universities.

During the program development, the student learns the Russian language and improves their knowledge of general education subjects up to the level required for the admission.

The key feature of the project is the possibility for a student to prepare for admission alongside with finishing school or studying for a bachelor's degree, without leaving their country.

Educational process organization

Document acceptance and enrollment: year-round
Classes start: September 15, 2020

Each student receives the support of experienced tutors during the educational process. Consultations with teachers are provided in the form of a videoconference.

The student can choose either a basic training course that includes Russian language modules and subject modules, or choose the modules that interest them individually.

Programs and modules

Basic training course of Russian language and general education subjects

Duration: 9 months

Form of study: on-site and off-site training with the use of distance educational technologies

Basic training course consists of 4 compulsory Russian language modules and 1 cultural module, as well as 3 optional subject modules and 1 Russian language module in a professional environment.

List of modules:

  • Russian language. Introductory phonetic course
  • Russian language (A1, elementary level)
  • Russian language (A2, basic level)
  • Russian language (B1, first certification level)
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • History
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature
  • Scientific style of speech in the areas of training
  • Culture studies

More information on the content of modules you can get on the website

How to apply

Want to enroll at the Digital Pre-University Faculty?

Fill in the form on the website and get a consultation with the project coordinator

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