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We invite you to the course "Drawing of Geometric Shapes"!

For several years now, enrollers have been studying at the Academy of Engineering of RUDN University on an ongoing basis under the program "Drawing of Geometric Shapes". The program is designed for everyone who wants to enter the Academy of Engineering in order to study "Architecture" and "Design of the architectural environment". Persons with a certificate of basic general education (9 grades), students in grades 10-11, as well as persons with a certificate of secondary general education (11 grades) can sign up for training. The aim of the course is to master the methods of the visual language of drawing geometric shapes. The curriculum is aimed at solving the following tasks: the acquisition by students of the ability to work in various drawing techniques, considering its specificity, to create compositions from geometric objects of varying degrees of complexity; development of students' constructive thinking, ability to analyze and synthesize spatial forms. The advantage of the students lies in the fact that the training is carried out by the best teachers of the Academy of Engineering of RUDN University and presenting the corresponding strict requirements to the students.

Students acquire competencies such as the readiness to respect and care for the architectural and historical heritage, cultural traditions, tolerantly perceive social and cultural differences, the ability to develop architectural projects in accordance with functional, aesthetic, constructive and technical, economic requirements, as well as the ability to demonstrate spatial imagination, developed artistic taste, possession of methods of modeling and harmonization of the artificial habitat in the development of projects.

If you want to join us, become a student of the Academy of Engineering of RUDN University, become a highly qualified specialist and a professional in your field, contact the Center for Additional Education of the Academy of Engineering of RUDN University and sign up for the program "Drawing of Geometric Shapes". At the moment, two groups of students are being trained, weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays at Ordzhonikidze st. 3, RUDN Engineering Academy. We will be glad to meet with everyone!

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