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Scientific and Practical Seminar "Learning and Teaching in Russian"

The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) together with the Union of Russian Compatriots Organizations in Spain and Andorra are holding a research seminar for specialists in the field of bilingualism research, Russian language teachers, methodologists and heads of Russian-speaking schools in Spain.

During the seminar they will discuss the topical issues of teaching Russian in bilingual children in non-language environment. The main problem that will be addressed during the discussion will be the lack of a systematic approach to the organization of teaching Russian language and Russian language subjects, in particular literature and history of Russia in Russian-speaking schools abroad. Particular attention will be paid to gaps in the educational content of textbooks for Russian-speaking schools abroad. The seminar will discuss various aspects of the organization of the learning process in schools of additional education abroad, modern approaches to the content of teaching Russian language and subjects in the absence of a language environment.

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