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We won!!!

From November 22 to November 30, 2022, the 4th All-Russian Olympiad "Professional Director" was held remotely for students, undergraduates, postgraduate students of all specialties of vocational education as part of the RusAlliance "Sova" project.

This event took representatives of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and 487 universities. The Olympiad provided an opportunity to show the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of almost 11,000 students. In addition, each participant learned how to become a director, become the best and take the first step towards career growth.

The tasks of the Olympiad consisted of 5 open-ended questions in which it was necessary to reflect on the various components of doing business. So, in one task, the participants had to assess the importance of certain qualities of the leader's character, highlight the most valuable ones; in other tasks, participants had to develop their own business plan or analyze financial statements in order to identify a document that most fully covers various financial indicators.

RUDN University entered the TOP-5 and took 2nd place. The leader of the participants of the Olympiad Andreeva Larisa.

The winners of the Olympiad among bachelors and specialists are:

1st place - Bayramova Kristina Sergeevna,

2nd place - Poskonnaya Yulia Dmitrievna,

3rd place - Gvalia Nadezhda Vladislavovna.

The indicated high results of the students of the Academy of Engineering of RUDN testify to the excellent level of their training by the teachers of the Department of Innovation Management in industries. The Center for Additional Education of the Academy of Engineering invites everyone to study according to the programs developed by the specialists of the Department of Innovation Management in the Industry of the Academy of Engineering for our programs:

We won!!!We won!!!We won!!!We won!!!

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