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On February 1-8, 2016, the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (IMBP RUDN), on the order of the All-Russian public organization "Young Intellectuals of Russia" (LLC MIR), conducted an in-person correspondence training course for two additional professional education programs:

  1. The All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex of the TRP as an instrument for the implementation of state policy to attract the population to physical education. The regulatory framework, goals and objectives of the implementation of the complex of the TRP in modern conditions. Judging the competition complex TRP.
  2. Organization and management of volunteer activities during the implementation of the VFSK TRP. Training of volunteers in the field of healthy lifestyle and the introduction of the All-Russian sports complex Ready for work and defense (TRP).

The correspondence part of the training was carried out in an electronic information-educational environment posted on the website of the Tutors of the All-Russian Sports and Sports Complex Ready for Labor and Defense (TRP) .

An in-person session of advanced training courses on the implementation of the All-Russian Sports Complex Ready for Labor and Defense (TRP) in educational organizations took place on February 4-8, 2016 as part of the All-Russian Youth Sports and Educational Forum Olympic Tomorrow of Russia in the city of Sochi.

30 people from 18 constituent entities of the Russian Federation completed training under two advanced training programs. Among them: representatives of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation in the field of education; leaders of public organizations; heads, deputy heads, heads of structural subdivisions of educational organizations and pedagogical workers of educational organizations of general and professional education.

In the process of learning, students mastered the technology of developing and implementing practice-oriented projects in the implementation of the All-Russian sports and sports complex Ready for Labor and Defense (TRP). Together with the teachers, we developed our own projects based on the models and roadmaps presented in the handout and training materials of the course. Got access to the information and educational environment, containing a regularly updated regulatory, methodological and educational base. We got the opportunity for targeted methodological and consulting support on the implementation of projects developed in the process of training.

In addition, all students who participated in the protection procedure, adequately represented and defended the design work, were awarded certificates of successful project protection and certificates of advanced training for the selected program in the amount of 72 ac. Hours.

Tatyana Degtyareva , Head of the Educational Projects Department of IBMP
Tel. +7 (495) 9894593, e-mail:

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