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PFUR Economic Faculty upgraded the skills of officials of the Republic of Bangladesh

On June 27-28, the Department of Management conducted an intensive short-term course of advanced training on “Performance Management System in the Organization” for government employees from the Ministry of Social Welfare of Bangladesh. The course was taught exclusive in English and covered several of the most significant topics such as 1) performance’s understanding and evaluation evolution (by assistant A.Z.Koberidze), 2) performance management cycle (by associate professor E.V.Kolganova), 3) effective methods for performance appraisals (by associate professor A.V.Chernov), 4) performance management system: from strategy to implementation (full professor V.S.Efremov), 5) leadership and strategic control in the context of performance management (by associate professor N.S.Scherbakova), 6) business communication’s skills in the context of performance management (professor V.L.Tyrtyshnikov), 7) organization’s sustainable development (by associate professor Kamrul Alam Raju Mohammad). The course material was well balanced in terms of the proportion between theory and practical cases. Each of its topics has aroused a keen interest among the listeners, as they constantly face similar issues in their practical activities. For a busy schedule of classes, time ran very quickly. Teachers and listeners from Bangladesh parted as friends and agreed to maintain contacts and strengthen ties.

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