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III International Conference on Migration "Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Decade of the XXI Century"

The International Conference "Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Decade of the XXI Century", which is held annually since 2018 at RUDN University (Russian University of Peoples' Friendship) with the expert support of the Council of Europe, has contributed to the study of migration processes and allowed the experience exchange among countries and continents, managers and academics, as well as young specialists in the field of migration management.

The year 2020 is a milestone. Crossing a new frontier, we announce the III International Scientific and Practical Conference "Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Decade of the XXI Century" to be held at RUDN University in Moscow. The International Conference is organized on November 19-20, 2020.

Specialists in the field of migration regulation from the Member States of the European Union and the CIS, as well as from Latin America, Africa and Asia are invited to participate in the event. The Conference participants will meet to discuss one of the most massive phenomenon affecting political, economic and environmental landscapes of countries, regions and continents - migration and its caused transformations.

Expert support is provided to the conference events by the following organizations:

- The Council of Europe,

- Institute of CIS countries,

- Institute of Europe RAS,

- Hans Seidel Foundation (Germany),

- Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Based on the results of expertise, the following agenda of the international conference in 2020 has been defined:

 I. At the plenary session of the Conference there will be held a discussion of acute aspects of migration processes in the new decade, as well as changes in the trajectories of migration flows in 2020-2030.

II. The following issues are on the agenda of Conference sections

·      Monitoring migration processes: accounting, information security and digitalization

In this section we invite you to discuss the impact of digital trends on migration records: what can Big Data tell us about transnational migration flows? How can such data be effectively collected and stored without threatening personal data? What are the latest software tools and optimal mechanisms for collecting statistics around the world? What criteria and statistical indicators are the most effective in making decisions?

·      Migration factor in megacities and ecosystem management

Cities attract migrants with resources and opportunities for growth. Migrants not only contribute to the prosperity of cities, but also challenge the established urban management practices. What opportunities and constraints do local policies face in promoting migrant integration in cities? How does migration affect the image and ecosystem of a large city? How do the authorities in different cities of the world respond to the challenges?

·      Responding to migration challenges: regional models

Migration processes are taking place all over the globe, and regions have faced the risks of migration crises. The round table will bring together representatives of different countries and continents to discuss how their regions and states are coping with migration issues. Participants of the round table will tell how different approaches and solutions to migration challenges are in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

·      Socio-economic development in the context of migration processes

Migration has an impact on socio-economic development, bringing both positive and negative aspects. In the framework of the panel discussion, we invite to discuss with experts the effects of migration on labor markets, donor and recipient economies, poverty and social inclusion.

III. At the youth Section of the Conference Bachelor, Master and PhD students, as well as postdocs, whose professional and research interests are related to migration issues are invited to participate. They will have the opportunity to present their vision as future migration managers, experts and scientists, how migration trends will develop in the mid- and long term.

IV. At the poster session the materials of the conference participants on the topics of migration and its impact will be displayed.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we invite researchers, experts and specialists interested in the topics under discussion to participate in the scientific and practical conference "Migration and Global Challenges of the Third Decade".

To participate, please register by submitting the online form, including report abstracts for consideration by the Program Committee.

The participants of the conference will be presented with a collection of featuted articles and reports in Russian and English, created on the findings of the conference held in 2019.

Venue: Moscow, 6 Miklukho-Maklaia St., RUDN University.



  • registration of participants - November 10, 2020
  • registration of participants who intend to publish thesis - November 2, 2020
  • registration of participants who intend to publish thesis and report - November 2, 2020

Contact person: Maria Vladimirovna Gavrilova

Tel.:+7-916-165-83-50; +7-495-787-38-03 add.11-38, 12-76



On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee,

Vladimir Egorov, First Deputy Director, Institute of CIS countries

Anzhela Dolzhikova, RUDN Vice-Rector for Further education.

Conference Organizers

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