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RUDN Office for Further Education Moscow RUDN Office for Further Education Moscow

Business in Russia: how to be successful

Learning format: Summer/Winter Schools

Volume: 72 academic hours


  • 2 weeks

RUDN subdivision:

Subject fields:


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This program was developed with the aim of acquiring students with initial knowledge in the field of business and management in Russia with further specialization in investments. A special place is given to the study of foreign investment's regulating at the international and national levels, studying the problem of risks arising during the implementation of investment projects with foreign participation. The program is implemented in English in full-time form with elements of distance learning.

Program dates:

Arrival: February 8-9, 2020

Classes: February 10-14, 2020 / February 10-21, 2020

Departure: February 15-16, 2020 / February 22-23, 2020

Duration: 1/2 weeks

ECTS credits: 2.0 / 4.0

Participation fee: 290/590 euro

Participation fee includes tuition fee, course materials, transfer from / to the airport / railway station, a triple card with a prepaid amount for 15 trips by public transport in Moscow, visits to company and cultural program.

Extracurricular and cultural program:

Visiting small and medium business enterprises

Welcome dinner

boat trip on the Moscow River

Excursion to the Kremlin

Visit to the Kolomenskoye Museum

Excursion at vdnh

Excursion to the Ostankino tower (optional)

Excursion to the Armory and the Diamond Fund (optional)

Excursion to Moscow City with a visit to the highest observation deck in Europe (optional)

The PUB QUIZ in the center of Moscow

Deadline for registration :

for non-EU citizens: November 18, 2019
for EU, Iranian and Indian citizens, citizens of visa-free countries: December 16, 2019

As a result of training, the student will be able to possess the following professional competencies:

- able to independently acquire (including using information technology) and use in practice new knowledge and skills, including new areas of knowledge not directly related to the field of activity (OC-3)

- able to make organizational and managerial decisions and is ready to bear responsibility for them, including in non-standard situations (OC-4)

- able to summarize and critically evaluate the results of domestic and foreign researchers, identify perspective areas, draw up a research program (PC-1);

- able to evaluate the effectiveness of projects taking into account the uncertainty factor (PC-6);

- able to develop strategies of economic agent's behavior on various markets (PC-7);

- able to analyze and use various sources of information for economic calculations (PC-9);

- able to make a forecast of the main socio-economic indicators of the enterprise, industry, region and the economy as a whole (PC-10);

- able to develop management decision's options and justify their choice based on the criteria of socio-economic efficiency (PK-10)

Learning purpose: obtaining additional competencies in the field of investment and investment attractiveness of the regions in the direction of the economy.

Categories of students: persons with higher education or persons receiving higher education who wish to obtain knowledge in the field of investment

Within the framework of this course, it is expected to study the following topics:       
  • Strategic directions of economic development of Russian Federation and it's regions: features and problems;
  • Typology of Russian regions on the basis on their economics level; areas of growth in the region's economy;
  • Macroeconomic and political risks for business in Russia; investment climate in the Russian Federation and investment attractiveness of the regions;
  • Legal regulation of foreign investment; Tax laws of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign investment; canonical forms of interaction between a foreign investor and authorities at the federal and regional levels;
  • Maintenance of the provision of services on mutually beneficial terms, as well as protection of investor rights in accordance with the concession contract;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of investment projects;
  • Special Economic Zones
  • Legal aspects of the production agreement in Russia;
  • Risks in investment projects in the Russian Federation: types of risks, ways to reduce them for foreign investors.
  • Certificate is issued upon completion of training and successful completion of the final certification.


Kruglikova Elena

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    "Business in Russia: how to be successful"

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