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RUDN Office for Further Education Moscow RUDN Office for Further Education Moscow

BIM technologies in investment and construction projects

Issued document: Certificate of training


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We invite Russian and foreign students getting higher education in architecture, constructing, management and also specialists in these fields to join our summer school “BIM technologies in investment construction projects”.
All participants of our summer school will receive practical knowledge in BIM technologies in industrial and civil engineering, 3D modeling of various building constructions, visualization and computer design, investment project management 
-The program includes several modules: 

•Building Information Modeling: The module introduces the basic principles of building information modeling, ways of applying BIM-technologies both in educational process and in real workflow. Tuition is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.

• Management of Investment and Construction Projects: 
The module is devoted to acquaintance with all phases of the project: from presale to guarantee support. What is more, this program also offers: management of terms, people, budget, contractors, quality, risks, stakeholders and what is interesting is that student will not only study this on theory but also in practice. In addition, participants will be able to learn how to read financial and accounting statements and how to build financial models, find out why a profitable company can go broke and when it is not necessary to focus on high margins and as a bonus will learn how to work in Excel. 
-Architecture of Moscow: 

The module includes several lectures on Russian architecture, considered in connection with historical events taking place in Russia at a certain point in time : from Ancient Russia to our days. Special attention is paid to the construction of Moscow and the main stages of the foundation of the city. The module is designed more for foreign students, however, these lessons may be interesting for Russian participants as well. At the end of the course participants take an exam (presentation about the most famous buildings in Moscow, including architectural features, construction history and interesting facts about the selected object). Studying this module contributes to the development of creative thinking.
- Russian Language: 

Throughout out summer school program foreign students are offered to study Russian (one week is obligatory for all students). When students arrive to Russia they take a test for knowledge of the Russian language and then according to the results participants are divided into groups. Those who have higher initial level of proficiency in Russian study separately deepening their knowledge.
Learning the basics of the Russian language will help foreign participants quickly adapt to life in the Russian capital.
In addition to lectures, seminars and practice, the participants of the summer school will be offered an extensive excursion program covering the most famous places of the capital. For example, the famous museums of the Kremlin - the Armory; The Tretyakov Gallery, VDNH, Museum of Architecture Schuseva.

Contacts for the record : Kruglikova E.V. , , 8-495-7873803, ext.25-52


schoolchildren, students, teachers


This program allows participants to acquire professional knowledge in the field of information modeling of buildings, visualization and computer design, management of investment and construction projects, as well as introduces foreign guests to the architecture of Moscow and provides an opportunity to start learning Russian, for those who have already studied it to deepen their knowledge.

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"BIM technologies in investment and construction projects"

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