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Institute of Biomedical Technologies

Contact information

  • Address: Moscow, Podolskoye highway 8, building 5, office 501

  • Phone number: + 7 495 989-45-93

  • E-mail:

Subdivision administrator

Zudin Alexander Borisovich

Institute of Biomedical Technologies was established in 2011 as a structural unit of RUDN. The main purpose of IBMP is to conduct research on the study, implementation and development of innovative approaches and technologies in the field of biomedical problems.
On the basis of IMBP RUDN, programs of additional vocational education are being implemented in the area of promoting healthy lifestyles, preserving and strengthening the health of various population groups (including children and young people), developing physical culture and sports, and introducing the All-Russian sports and fitness complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” »(TRP).
More than 5,000 students from all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation have completed training in the IMBT PFUR programs.

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Risk management in integrated pharmaceutical plant during the...

Duration: 504 hours

Issued document: Diploma of further professional qualification

Diagnosis and therapy of blood coagulation system disorders

Duration: 144 hours

Issued document: Certificate of continuning professional development

The prevention and treatment of the cancerous diseases of...

Duration: 150 hours

Issued document: Certificate of continuning professional development